The Siang is truly transnational, flowing almost 4,000 kilometres across countries, peoples, cultures and through varied topography and terrain. It is majestic and elegant, especially in the almost three hundred kilometres of its journey through Arunachal Pradesh.

A tributary of the Yangtze; Brahmaputra river, locally known as Siang in Arunachal Pradesh

It’s descent from the high environs of the Tibetan plateau to the teeming plains of Assam is a passage through rich and diverse cultures; its banks are lined with forested hills in a hundred shades of green.

In the plains, not far from Arunachal’s borders, the Siang meets the Lohit and Dibang rivers; from this union is born the greatest river of North East India, invariably referred to as the ‘mighty Brahmaputra.’

These bridges was built by the local tribes to create a mode of transport amidst the hills.

We at Abor Country Travel & Expeditions with support from the Department of Tourism, Government of Arunachal Pradesh,  feel it is our pleasure and duty to make all and any efforts to protect all the destinations we travel through. We aim to make a difference and hope that others will follow our example.

Abor Country Travels & Expeditions has been in the forefront of efforts to bring the charms and challenges of the Siang to people beyond its proximate populations, a commitment nurtured and honoured by its founding team. It has worked to create awareness of its healthy eco-system, and of the vibrant cultures of the tribes that reside along its banks.

We foster and promote responsible tourism that gives back, in eco-practice, through spreading awareness, and through support to the land and the people.

As a first step we have invited a small but large-hearted group of people we call friends of Siang, on a journey through this wondrous land, on rafts on the river to share our experience, marvel at the sights, sounds and moods of the river, and contribute to the cause in ways big and small, in thought and action and over time.

View from Abor River Camp




  1. Vinay Sheel Oberoi Former Ambassador to UNESCO, Former Secretary, Government of India
  2. Nandini Oberoi Professor of Economics, University of Delhi
  3. Colonel Ajai Shukla Columnist, Business Standard, Defence Analyst
  4. Kai Freise Managing Editor, India Today
  5. Andy Leeman River runner and Explorer
  6. Apal Singh Cinematographer, filmmaker, adventurer
  7. Mitali Saran Freelance writer, Columnist, Editor
  8. Sumit Dayal Photographer and social media facilitator
  9. Yash Rane Chef and Go pro Advocate
  10. Manan Dhuldhoya Freelance travel writer 
  11. Kanika Kamra Fashion Designer
  12. Lhakpa Tsering Champion motor rallyist, 02 times WINNER, Raid De Himalaya
  13. Arambam Agamba Singh Manipur Tourism Forum, Co-founder Imphal Campaign WW2




23rd April

Arrive at Dibrugarh airport then transfer to ferry point to cross the mighty Brahmaputra.

Disembark on the other side then drive 3 hours to Pasighat. Overnight at hotel Serene.


24th  April  ( 6 hrs)

Drive along the Siang river and arrive at Geku beach Camp.

Reception of guests; introduction with crew members; snacks with welcome drink; Dinner.

Camp by Ane Siang.



25th  April  ( 6 hrs)

After breakfast safety talk and introduction to the Geku – Pasighat stretch of the Siang. Today will be s a class 3 section. Commence rafting; shortly after start, we get to the first rapids called Gunker followed by the Geku wave train before reaching class 3 rapids called 65  rapids (before reaching Dite Dime bridge). Then we come to the Dite Dime rapids (class 2+) followed by Riyu rapids and Begging rollercoaster (class 3).

We stop for refreshments at the Parong bend and follow a flat section all the way to Kebang camp crossing a few suspension bridges; snacks and drinks followed by dinner.

Camp by Nature Unlimited.


26th  April ( 4 hrs)

After breakfast start towards Pongging camp; shortly we encounter Rottung rapids (class 3+). Make a short stop at the Asi cave to finally reach Pongging camp just above the Big Pongging rapids (class 4).

After reaching Pongging beach camp, hike to Pongging village to be welcomed by the villagers for lunch organised by the Pongging women’s self-help group; hike back to camp; snacks and drinks followed by dinner.

Camp by Donyi Hango.


27th  April  ( 3 hrs)

After briefing members can either do the Pongging to Yamne hike (2 hrs) crossing the Siang – Yamne co-influence on a traditional hanging bridge or join the boats to hit the Pongging rapids; followed by Sikit Siimar rapids to finally take out at Rane Ghat.

Evening felicitation at Abor Country River Camp.


28th April

Workshop and interaction between friends of Siang and tourism officials, tour operators, media community people etc.


29th April

Cross the Brahmaputra then drive to Dibrugarh airport for the return journey.




  1. Quick drying clothes
  2. Waterproof sandals

You can buy aqua shoes from Decathlon or we can supply it locally.

You can also use Teva or similar sandals

  1. Sunglasses with straps
  2. Retainers for spectacles
  3. Luggage in soft bags
  4. Light sleeping bag
  5. Personal first aid
  6. Headlamps
  7. 20/22 litres Day Bag (Dry bag)


  1. Rain Jacket and pants
  2. Sunscreen and lip balm


End April it will most probably be raining, so be prepared for a wet and wild experience.


  1. Hats for sun/rain protection
  2. Waterproof case for your camera/phone


You can bring your own Day Bag to hold things you may need to use during the day on the river, a camera, sunscreen, an extra layer, etc. The day bags will be clipped into the raft.

The rest of stuffs, extra clothes, shoes etc will be brought and kept ready at your next camp.

Except for the camp Ponging (26th April) where there is no land access, You can put the stuffs you require for the day in a large dry bag provided by us which will be carried along on the river.





                           SAFETY TEAM

01.Ayodhya Prasad Expedition leader, River Guide and Safety Kayaker

            Qualifications & Certificates


IRF Assessment grade III in Rishikesh, India

Advance First Aid Training (Vivo Health Care)

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)


Swiss Outdoor Association (Guide II)

Swiss Outdoor Association (Guide II Trip leader)

Swiss Outdoor Association (Kanu Guide I)



  1. Vijay Singh Pundir River guide and white water rafting trainer

            IRF certified guide class IV

First Aid Course from American safety & health institute (2017)

Certified guide by IPRO.

Certified river guide by Uttrakhand Tourism.

White Water Rescue Training Course in 2015

  1. Pawan Kumar Professional River guide and safely Kayaker
  2. Abhishek Sagoi Professional River Guide and Safety Kayaker
  3. Akoying Tekseng Professional River Guide and Safety Kayaker

       A son of the soil born and bred by the Siang river