Song Of Siang

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It is supposed to rain, but I crawl out of my tent under a bright sky. It has been bright since 4.30 am, daybreak in Arunachal Pradesh—for the love of god, somebody give the Northeast a time zone of its own. I brush my teeth in an endlessly flowing tap near the [...]

Siang Rush 2018

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DOWNLOAD SIANG RUSH 2018 BROCHURE The Siang is truly transnational, flowing almost 4,000 kilometres across countries, peoples, cultures and through varied topography and terrain. It is majestic and elegant, especially in the almost three hundred kilometres of its journey through Arunachal Pradesh. A tributary of the Yangtze; Brahmaputra river, locally known as Siang [...]

Arunachal Best Tour Operator Award

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Abor Country Travels & Expedition won the best tour operator award for the second time. The first one being in 2013 and the second one being in 2017. Governor PB Acharya inaugurated the Arunachal Tourism Award 2017 at Indira Gandhi Park, here today. Arunachal Tourism brand ambassador John Abraham, Home minister Kumar Waii, parliamentary secretary [...]

Kai Friese From Outlook Magazine Interviews Oken Tayeng

By |2017-10-09T07:59:12+05:30September 7th, 2017|travel|

Arunachal is unexplored and unmapped, a hotspot of biodiversity and tribal culture teeming with river gorges. Oken Tayeng How did you get started as an adventure tour operator? I’m very restless. I was on a quest for a very glamorous and reasonably lucrative job where I could meet new people and be in a different [...]

Certificate Of Appreciation By US Navy Commander Donna L Crisp

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It had been the last journey of his uncle, First Lieutenant Irwin "Zipper" Zaetz, as navigator on the B-24 bomber. Gary proceeded to conduct a small series of ceremonies. His tour guide, Oken Tayeng, offered words of solace. "Gary, you've done your duty. Now their spirits should be happy."

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