Arunachal-The Ultimate Experience And The Perfect Getaway!

Paradise exists! Yes, it does, in Arunachal Pradesh, in the far Northeast of India. A land as yet largely unexplored, and completely unspoiled. 84,000 square kilometers of spectacular terrain, less than a million people. From high Himalaya to verdant valley, white capped mountain to steamy jungle, it’s all there. Arunachal borders three countries- Bhutan, Myanmar and China. It is a land where civilizations have met, where peoples and cultures have mingled. Over a hundred tribes, thirty languages, a treasure trove of flora and fauna, this is indeed the last frontier. Abor Country Travels & Expeditions offers you an unparalleled opportunity to journey to this fascinating region.

Top Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

    Tawang the hidden paradise. Come and fall love with the beauty and tranquility of the place. You will have an experince of a life time.
    Those who have a penchant for river sports make it a point to indulge in rafting on the Siang River which is so thrilling.
    The valley of the Lohit is full of surprises. Thickly forested for the most part, it is a botanist’s dream,as alpine vegetation gives way to sub-tropicla forests
    The small town of Bomdila is perched amongst the panoramic settings of the lofty ranges of the eastern Himalayas. It is a remote destination and like few other
    For nearly 2000 years, the notion of an earthly paradise or Shangri La hidden among the peaks of Asia has captivated the human imagination.
    The Stillwell road: During World war II in early part of 1942, the Japanese occupied Burma and the Allied Army was driven to India (Arunachal, Nagaland and Manipur)
    The Tirap district is located in the southeastern part of the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. It shares a state border with Nagaland and Assam

What would you like to see and do? Would you wish to concentrate on the profusion of bird life-over five hundred species? The four hundred and fifty varieties of orchids? The hundreds of butterflies, many rare? Would you seek out the big cats-tigers and leopards, clouded or spotted? Go after the red panda, the takin, or the Himalayan black bear?

Do rivers fascinate you? Travel along the Siang, transformed from the Tsangpo of Tibet, and destined to become the mighty Brahmaputra, the son of god. Spend an evening on the banks of the turbulent Lohit, as it rumbles down to the plains. Laugh along with gurgling brooks, cross their bigger cousins on swaying cane suspension bridges.

Would you want to trek in the Mishmi hills, where there are a thousand and more shades of green? Or on the snowy heights of Dibang, where earth meets sky? Does river rafting enthrall you? Take on the challenge of rafting down the Siang.

Are you a ‘people person’? Arunachal is a kaleidoscope of cultures, a hundred and more tribes, each is distinctive, their way of life insulated till recently by the region’s inaccessibility.

Is it tranquility that you seek? Would you travel up to the Tawang, steeped in Buddhist tradition, and dotted with monasteries? To Subansiri, amidst the Apa Tani tribe, to savour the solitude of space, the comfort of community

Planning a visit to Arunachal Pradesh is not a big deal as you can plan it all the year long. Like the rest of north eastern states, Arunachal Pradesh has a healthy and pleasant climate. The state is home to great monasteries, several shrines and pristine lakes which attract thousands of travelers from different parts of the world. Weather wise, the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is from October till April, basically the winter months. he maximum temperature reaches up to 35 degree Celsius in summers. Days are quite hot and tiring as compared to night hours. Though, summer is not really good season to travel to Arunachal Pradesh.

Seasons Months Temprature
Summers March to june 18 °C – 35 °C
Monsoon july to September 12°C – 30°C
Winters November to February 8°C – 20 °C

Weather in Tawang, Bomdila, Dirang, Menchuka and other hill stations in Arunachal are quite cold during the winter and warm during the summer. Temperatures can fall below minus degrees in these places during winter.

Seasons Months Temprature
Summers March to june 5 °C – 22 °C
Monsoon july to September 15°C – 20°C
Winters November to February 2°C – 10 °C

Things to keep in mind before traveling

  1. Every tourist visiting Arunachal Pradesh needs to obtain an Inner Line Permit and a Protected Area Permit which can be collected from Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati or Tezpur airports.
  2. The weather in the north-east is pretty unpredictable, so be prepared to have delays due to the bad weather.
  3. Roads that lead to Tawang, especially from Bomdila onwards, aren’t in the best shape.
  4. Locals are friendly and helpful. Be patient as not everyone will know fluent Hindi or English.
  5. Most cell phone networks don’t work well, so inform your family or friends about your whereabouts whenever possible.
  6. Don’t forget to carry some ready to cook food packets or instant noodles if you’re strictly a vegetarian.
  7. Carry extra batteries, power banks and most importantly warm clothing.
  8. Keep at least a couple of extra days in hand in case of any problems like landslides and bad weather on your way.

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