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I wish to thank Oken Tayeng and Abor Country Travels and Expeditions for their very competent and friendly expedition services during my multiple expeditions in North-East India. Oken and his staff have been truly exemplary in providing for my MIA search expeditions in the North-East. At every turn, Oken and his staff have gone out of their way to provide very capable assistance and warm, friendly service. My successful MIA searches in India are largely due to Oken Tayeng and all the extraordinary effort he has taken to assist me. I'll be returning to North-East India to search for more MIA US aircraft from WW II, and Abor Country Travels and Expeditions will again be highly involved in my efforts.

Best regards,
Clayton Kuhles

"Si vous avez envie de sortir des sentiers battus, de découvrir des ambiances, des lieux, des sites exceptionnels, de rencontrer des groupes ethniques extraordinaires , vous pouvez faire confiance à Oken et son équipe : leur compétence et sérieux vous ouvrirons à ces régions du Nord Est qui sont un autre visage de l'INDE et qui méritent bien une ou plusieurs visite (s).


Arunachal Pradesh in India's north-east is exquisitely beautiful with its towering mountains and rapidly flowing rivers fed by high rainfall running off the Himalaya. The peoples and their cultures are delightful and varied, and the roads few. In this setting Abor Country Travels & Expeditions have the contacts to organise itineraries to suit their clients wishes, and the flexibility to amend the arrangements whenever weather or roads or circumstances dictate changes to the original plans. AP is not a destination for couch potatoes but for those with an independent mind and a spirit of adventure, it is an excellent destination, and Abor Country a 'safe pair of hands'.

Keith Rushforth, England






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