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Mizoram lies in the southernmost outpost of North Eastern India, the land of the Blue Mountains. Manipur, Assam and Tripura bind the northern end of this little island of tranquility with neighbouring countries Myanmar and Bangladesh nestling most of the state between them.

Evergreen ranges of Mizoram hills with blooms of exotic flora and dense bamboo jungles rise sharply from the plains of Assam in a north south direction. These hills and plunging gorges are criss-crossed by gushing rivers and sparkling waterfalls. Highest among its several peaks is the Phawngpui The Blue Mountain 2065mts.

In sharp contrast to the dense jungles and steep hills is a rugged quilt of lush paddy fields all the way from the center of the state towards the Myanmar border.
Oral tradition reveals that the Mizos migrated from their homeland in China about 3 centuries ago, in search of new pastures and settled in these remote Mizo Hills (Lushai Hills).
.Mizoram is a kaleidoscopic for the discerning visitor with its wide array of festivals and dances, handicrafts, flora and fauna, breathtaking natural beauty and temperate climate

Festivals of Mizoram

The festivals of Mizoram are related to the agricultural activities that bring forth the vibrancy and the liveliness of the people of Mizoram possessed. Some of the major festivals in Mizoram that can be mentioned are Chapchar Kut, Mim Kut, Pawl Kut and Thalfavang Kut.

Chapchar Kut (March)
The spring festival is the most important in Mizoram. When the festival comes, people of all ages, men and women, dressed themselves in these traditional and colourful costumes and wore exotic headgears and jewelleries to assemble and perform various folk dances. They also sing traditional songs accompanied by beating of drums, gongs and cymbals.

Mim Kut and Pawl Kut (November/ December)
This festival is also part of the tourist season. It is celebrated for the completion of the harvesting season. During these festivals, the various folk dances, exulting songs and energetic games are performed. When the festival takes place, the entire community also joins in with great enthusiasm, joy and feasting. During these festivities 'ting tang' (guitar) and 'phenglawng' (flute) which are the indigenous musical instruments also act as rhyme and musical accompaniments to the various dances.

Thalfavang Kut (November)
When the people of Mizoram complete the process of weeding of the field and prepare for the forthcoming harvest, the Thalfavang Kut festival takes place. This colourful festival is very new to the tourists and invokes a different kind of experience. A good score of this festival is that it gives the community an opportunity to come together, retain the present bonds and renew the old ones.

Christmas (December)
Here Christmas is celebrated for three days starting from 24th till 26th of December. The majority of the population is Christian, so Christmas is one of the most important events of the Mizos. On Christmas Eve, the people start celebration in their homes and on the 25th of December, a grand celebration takes place in the church. On 26th December the people organized a grand and sumptuous feast where everyone from young to old take part and rejoice with great fervour and festivities.
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