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Lure of Lohit

The lohit river rises in eastern Tibet, in the Zayal Chu range and surges through Aruncachal Pradesh for two hundred kilometers,before disgorging itself in the plains of Assam. Tempestuous and turbulent, and known as the river of blood, only partly attributable to the lateritic soil, it flows through the Mishmi Hills, to meet the Siang at the head of the Brahmaputra valley.

The valley of the Lohit is full of surprises. Thickly forested for the most part, it is a botanist’s dream,as alpine vegetation gives way to sub-tropicla forests, and then to some of the densest tropical jungles in all of India.rhododendrons bloom in many hues in the upper reaches, orchids reveal themselves in the lower froves. This is indeed a treasure house of medicinal plant and herbs, and the home of Mishmi teeta, the coptis plant, prized the world over for it’s medicinal properties.

The Mishmis hold sway in the hills. In the plains are the Khamptis and the Singphos, fervent Buddhists and migrants from across he Patkai hills from Burma. As the Lohit journeys through, Tibetan theology gives way to animist belief, in turn replaced by Theravada Buddhism and then by Hindu temples as Tibet, south East Asia and the Indian sub-continent mix and merge.

Lohit river   Rope crossing on Lohit river
Mishmi Lady   Camping on the Lohit river
Parshuram Kund   Wild flower in Lohit
Meyor village   Sunset at Tezu


Day 1 - Arrive Dibrugarh, amidst the lush environs of a hundred tea gardens. Dibrugharh is on the banks of the Brahmaputra. Spend the afternoon on a tea garden, with tea and cucumber sandwiches at the Manager’s bungalow.
Day 2 - Drive through Margherita(yes, there is a town with that name,a and a very pretty town too), classic tea garden country, and on to the thickly forested hills of Arunachal. Halt at Diban, in the heart of the Namdapha Tiger reserve. camp fire at night, n a grassy patch near the Noa Dihing River. Stay at the Diban Lodge.
Day 3 - In and around the Namdapha Tiger Reserve experience the joys of solitude amidst the wilderness-the call of the wild! Namdapha teems with wildlife-tiger, Takin, the clouded leopard, snow leopard, wild buffaloes- and a host of smaller fauna. A naturalist’s paradise.
Day 4 - Drive towards Tezu. The home of Digaru and Miju Mishmi.Skirting the Mishmi Hills. Cross the tempestuous Lohit river by ferry, and halt at Tezu. Unwind at a cultural evening in a Mishmii village, complete with a Beedu, the timeless ritual of song and dance steeped in hoary tradition. Partake of Yu, the local brew, freshly distilled, and mildy heady. Stay at the Circuit House.
Day 5 - Head for the hills-literally! Drive to the Hayuliang ,along the picturesque Lohit river Experience the traditional rope-pully crossoing of the river .Visit authentic Mishmi village. Overnight at village.
Day 6 - Visit Chowkam and Namsai – home to the Khamptis and the Singhpos- the only Theravada Buddhists in India. Cross the Lohit and Noa Dihing rivers by ferry, and drive through to Dibrugarh. Overnight at Hotel.
Day 7 - Onward to Majuli, the largest river island in the world, now a UNESCO world heritage site.Majuli is pollution free fresh water island. This is also the centre of the medieval Vaisnavite religion with 26 Satras(monastries) still existinig. Overnite in a Satra.
Day 8 - Visit to the Satras and learn about the ancient faith from the monks. Interact with Mising tribes and witness their esquisite and colorful weaving tradition. Majuli also a great place for bird watchers. It is the Island in the sun.
Day 9 - Visit the Kaziranga National Park – the abode, and the last habit of the Indian rhinoceros- the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros. Stay at the Wild Grass Resort.
Day 10 - Elephant safari in the Kazirana National Park and after a leisurely lunch. Drive to Guahati Airport and catch a flight back.


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