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Nagaland is bounded by Assam in the West, Myanmar (Burma) on the east, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam on the North and Manipur in the South. The State consists of seven districts, inhabited by 16 major tribes along with other sub-tribes. Each tribe is distinct in character from the other in terms of customs, language and dress.

Each of the 16 odd tribes and sub-tribes that dwell in this exotic hill State can easily be distinguished by the colourful and intricately designed cosumes, jewellery and beads that they adorn.

The traditional ceremonial attire of each tribe is in itself, an awe inspiring sight to behold; the multicoloured spears and daos decorated with dyed goats hair, the headgear made of finely woven bamboo interlaced with orchid stems, adorned with boar's teeth and hornbill's feathers, elephant tusk armlets….. You name it! In days of yore every warrior had to earn each of these items through acts of valour, to wear them.

Nature could not have been kinder to Nagaland, .The exquisitely picturesque landscapes, the vibrantly colourful sunrise and sunset, lush and verdant flora….. this is a land that represents unimaginable beauty, moulded perfectly for a breath taking experience.

Its people belong to the Indo-Mongoloid stock, whose ancestors lived off nature's abundant gifts, blessed with sturdy formidable dispositions. Above all, the people here are warmhearted and extremely hospitable ! You will feel it in the air !

Nagaland is blessed with salubrious climate throughout the year and one can visit it anytime. If one is looking for a quiet getaway, from the hustle and bustle of city life, it provides the right ambience; as life here is laidback and slow - providing a tension free life.

For the adventurous and the intrepid, Nagaland is an ideal place for trekking, rock climbing, jungle camping and offers limitless exploration possibilities in its lush and verdant sub-tropical rain forests which are also a treasure trove of a plethora of medicinal plants.

Nagas, by nature, are lovers of fun and frolic and here life is one long festival.

The Nagas with their joie de vivre, dance and songs are a part and parcel of all their festivities. Most of their dances are performed with a robust rhythm.

Festivals of Nagaland

Horn Bill Festival
Nagaland known as the land of 'Naga' people is also the land of festivals with one festival followed by another round the year. In order to facilitate tourists. ..

Moatsu Festival
Moatsu Festival is celebrated by the Ao tribe of Nagaland. Moatsu is celebrated in the first week of May every year. Various rituals are performed...

Nazu Festival
The Nazu festival is one of the most merrymaking festivals of the Pochury tribe of Nagaland. This gala event is celebrated for 10 days in the month

Sekrenyi Festival
The Festival follows a series of ritual and ceremony. The first of the rituals is "Kizie". A few drops of rice water taken from the top of the jug called "Zumho", are put into. ..

Tuluni Festival
Tuluni Festival the most is important festival of the Sumi Nagas in Nagaland. Tuluni Festival in Nagaland is celebrated during the second week of….

Yemshe Festival
October is the month of festivity for the Pochury tribe of Nagaland, who anxiously awaits every year to celebrate their greatest festival Yemshe....

12 Days Nagaland tribal tour

Day 1 - Arrive at Dibrugarh airport assistance by ACTE member transfer drive to Sibsagar.
Day 2 - Full day in & around Sibsagar. Visit Shiva and Vishnu temples and the ruins of the Ahom kingdom - the historic capitol of Ahom who ruled the brahmaputra valley for over 600 years one of the oldest ruling dynasty in the world, visit various temples, fort etc.
Day 3 - Morning drive to Mon, the district headquarter and the land of the Konyak tribes. You can admired the former head hunters with their tattooed faces and big horns pierced in their ears. Konyaks are still ruled by heredetary chiefs known as Angh.
Day 4 - Full day visit of Konyak tribal villages. Drive to Longwa village, the largest village amoung the Konyak tribal villages, Konyaks are still ruled by heredetary chiefs known as Angh. The house of the chief is situated half in Myanmar and half in India on International boundary. Overnight Local House.
Day 5 - Drive through beautiful countryside to Mokokchung (220km/ 7hrs). This town is the cultural centre of the Ao Naga tribe. Overnight Mokokchung.
Day 6 - Whole day exploration of Ao Naga tribal villages, walk around the village on the old missionary´s path and visit the local museum with tribal exhibits. In the afternoon Longkhum, a vanguard village in the days of head hunting. Lastly we will go to Ungma Village, the oldest and the biggest Ao village. Overnight Mokokchung.
Day 7 - After breakfast we will drive to Tuensang. Tuensang is the home of the Chang, Yimchunger, Khiamungan, Sangtam and Phom Naga tribe. In the afternoon visit Tuensang Village. Overnight Tuensang.
Day 8 - Drive to Wokha, the land of Lotha Nagas, visit Longsa Village, which is inhabited by the Lotha tribe. Here Longzu (monoliths) are erected that remind of the merits of their ancestors, Continue drive to Tuophema Village. Overnight Tuophema Village.
Day 9 - Drive to Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. Afternoon visit local market
Day 10 - Morning visit the World War-II war cemetery, state museum, emporium. In the afternoon visit Khonoma Village of the Angami Nagas who fought a fierce battle against the British, who came in an expedition to these Naga hills in 1879.
Day 11 - Excursion trek to Dzukou Valley situated at an height of 2433.4 Mtrs. 25 km from Kohima, The gentle rolling hills and undulating values of Dzukou valley offers solace & peace to rhododendron of various colour, beatify the hills, rocks & riverbanks during spring. During summer this valley becomes a veritable garden of Eden with variety of flowers such as Lilium, Mackliniae, Caltha palustris, Anemone revelries, Euphorbias, etc in full bloom. Trek back to Kohima.
Day 12 - Morning drive to Dimapur. Visit the ruins from the Kachari Kingdom, that was established before the Ahom invasion in the 13th century. Later transfer to airport and fly out.
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